Yoga Class with Royal Kirana Spa Ubud

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Yoga Class with Royal Kirana Spa Ubud
Experience a deep peace of mind attending this private Yoga Class at Royal Kirana Spa, Bali.

• Try various classes such as yoga, breathing exercises, sound healing or even fitness training
• Engage in activities that make you fit, relaxed, and happy all at the same time
• Order this class now only at Bae!


  • Class duration 180 minutes spa lounge and garden
  • Location Spa lounge and garden

Terms and Conditions

  • Reservation has to be made 1 day in advance
  • The stated price is all in
  • Contact our friendly Bae for more information!


Rp. 410,000

IDR 410,000

Mohon membuat pesanan H-1 sebelum tanggal aktivitas. Jikalau anda mau membuat order setelahnya, atau anda mempunyai pertanyaan, mohon contact customer service kami.