Stone Massage 90 Min in Samaja Villas Bali

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Stone Massage 90 Min in Samaja Villas Bali
SAMAJA Villas Kunti greatly wishes you to be as relaxed as you please. A series of spa treatment menus have been prepared. So, simply trust in our highly-skilled spa therapists to help you achieve this.

•  With the combination of warm oil massages, invigorating scrubs and other ingredients with ancient technique, our therapist will bring in ultimate relaxation of body and mind. So, be wise and adjust to your need in order to get optimum result or kindly consult to our therapist.
•  Deeply sensation relaxing massage use hot stone
•  Complete your experience with luxurious hotel shower facilities and amenities
•  Bae, your App to make it possible


  • Treatment duration for 90 minutes
  • Shower facilities, toilet, towels and other hotel amenities
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access
  • welcome drink

Terms and Conditions

  • The stated price is all in
  • Booking has to be made 1 day in advance
  • Contact our friendly Bae for more information!


Rp. 365,000

IDR 365,000

Mohon membuat pesanan H-1 sebelum tanggal aktivitas. Jikalau anda mau membuat order setelahnya, atau anda mempunyai pertanyaan, mohon contact customer service kami.

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