Munduk Moding Coffee Experience Bali

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Munduk Moding Coffee Experience Bali
Experience it at Bali’s only luxury resort located on a working coffee plantation. The Munduk Coffe Experience programme provides a unique introduction to Munduk coffees, from harvesting cherries, producing green beans to roasting and blending and,of course, sampling the fruits of the harvest through a cupping session.

But there is more: our coffees are used in our welcome drink, our desserts and even in our Spa. You’ll get to enjoy all of this experience that has no parallel in Bali.


  • Introduction visit to coffe plantation, processing, roasting, and tasting different specialty coffe

Terms and Conditions

  • The stated price is all in
  • Contact our friendly Bae for more information!


Rp. 599,000

IDR 599,000

Mohon membuat pesanan H-1 sebelum tanggal aktivitas. Jikalau anda mau membuat order setelahnya, atau anda mempunyai pertanyaan, mohon contact customer service kami.

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