[EARLY BIRD SOLD OUT] Let’s Play! Buumi Roadshow at Vida Bekasi

Vida Bekasi

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Grab fast one of the most anticipated 2023 family events in Bekasi!

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Visit Buumi Roadshow in Vida Bekasi, get the best of play experience for your kids along with thematic activities and children’s mini market!


  • Roadshow event date: 4 June 2023
  • Get the chance to meet and play with more Teman Buumi and their little ones outside of Buumi Playscape and Playclub area
  • The sub-theme for the Bekasi roadshow would be inspired by one of the most important elements of the nature: Fire
  • Children will learn about the natural role of fire and have a discussion about fire safety
  • Participants will be encouraged to explore and reconnect with nature through music, storytelling, literature, science, movement, math, and art activities
  • Have fun together in each places through the following activities:
    1. Storytelling with puppets
    2. Conducting science experiments
    3. Creating art & craft projects
    4. Pop-up playground
    5. Nature-inspired play activities
    6. and many more activities and games!
  • This event is powered by Buumi Playscape, an integrated children platform focusing on early years education through play