Buy Timbis Paragliding Bali Ticket

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Buy Timbis Paragliding Bali Ticket
Experience extraordinary paragliding adventure through amazing bird eye views and adrenaline rush with Timbis Paragliding Bali.

• Enjoy experience of a lifetime through paragliding over Pandawa Beach, Nusa Dua Bali
• See various limestone cliffs, hidden temples, and the breathtaking Indian Ocean from above!
• Take hundreds of photos while flying, have the majestic Bali skyline as your background
• Learn the basics and safety procedures of paragliding from experts, fly with your partner pilot


  • Solo flight on the second till seventh day (an hour each session)
  • Include photos and videos
  • Safety insurance
  • Tandem with the Bali Paragliding Timbis team
  • Paragliding certificate
  • Guide in Indonesian and English
  • Flight duration: 15 minutes

Terms and Conditions

  • Booking has to be made at least 1 day in advance
  • The stated price is all in
  • Contact our friendly Bae for more information!


Rp. 913,550

IDR 913,550

Mohon membuat pesanan H-1 sebelum tanggal aktivitas. Jikalau anda mau membuat order setelahnya, atau anda mempunyai pertanyaan, mohon contact customer service kami.

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