3x Pole & Hoop Class Pass at Raga Studio

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3x Pole & Hoop Class Pass at Raga Studio
Get a fit and healthy body at Raga Studio Menteng! 

This package can access Pole & Hoop classes for 3x meetings with professional and trained instructors. 

Register at Bae to get the class.
Including training:

- 1x pole trial
- 1x hoop trial
- 1x drop in class hoop/pole

Schedule class:

Intro to basic (19.30) 

Halo hoop (19.30)

Tricksome & combogasm (19.30)

Heels yeah (17.30)

All level (17.30)

Intro Basic (13.00)
Sarurdancesation (14.00)
Halo Hoop (15.00)
Heels yeah (16.00)
Tricksome & Combogasm (17.00)

Let's register yourself.


  • Professional instructor
  • Dressing room
  • Standard supporting gym equipment

Terms and Conditions

  • The stated price is all in
  • Contact our friendly Bae for more information!


Rp. 500,000

IDR 500,000

Mohon membuat pesanan H-1 sebelum tanggal aktivitas. Jikalau anda mau membuat order setelahnya, atau anda mempunyai pertanyaan, mohon contact customer service kami.

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